Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hauerwas & Högskoleverket

Så här i högskoleverkstider - för det har väl inte riktigt blåst över än? - kan jag rekommendera Stanley Hauerwas bok "The State of the University", eller (för den ekonomiskt & tidsmässigt pressade) denna recension av boken.

Några utdrag ur boken (hämtade från recensionen):

"[T]heology should never be done to pass muster in the university. Theology must be done to glorify God … . It has always been my conviction that when theology is so done, those in the university will take notice because what we have to say is so interesting."

"the state and the university reflect the symbiotic relationship that once pertained between the university and the church. In the Middle Ages the university was used to produce clerks for church and state. Now the university is expected to produce people educated to serve the bureaucracies of modernity in which it is assumed the state is crucial for an ordered world. That the university serves this function should not surprise us given the fact that the modern university and the modern state developed together."


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