Saturday, November 21, 2009

The romantic

"The romantic rejects the middle as he demands all extremes—he demands the extremes as they were meant to be, bound together. He isn’t interested in some artificial safe middle-ground, he doesn’t see things as left and right, as though ideas fit on some line, the center of which might be located."

Härifrån. Efter tips härifrån.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ytterligare citat från artikeln:

"A romantic is never bored, for he occupies a world full of mystery and surprise, a reality understood in complex forms, in traditions, in liturgies, in myths, in complex social fabrics that bind humans together in community and that bind communities together across time. To inhabit such a reality is to see in all simple things the wonder of the universe, to see patterns, to feel connections, to relish in the particular, because in the particular one witnesses, but does not possess, the universal."

Vackert! Thanks for sharing! :) /bokmalin

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vilken vacker hemsida! Den träffar mig mitt på den romantiska nerven... //Peter

11:47 AM  

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